Agora Gallery  is a contemporary art gallery founded in 1984 and located in Chelsea, New York City’s gallery district. In ancient Greek cities, the agora was a central gathering place and also a marketplace. And this is what Agora Gallery is as well: a meeting place for artists, art lovers, and collectors as well as a place to sell and buy art.
When offering me a gallery representation, Angela Di Bello, director of Agora Gallery and editor-in-chief of ARTisSpectrum Magazine, said: “I feel that your distinctive expression will resonate well at Agora Gallery, with our art buyers, media contacts and our local and international viewing audience.”
On the gallery website, you find my artist page with the two pictures that have been my contribution to the group exhibition “Emerging Visions” in early 2017 at Agora Gallery. You find the invitation to the exhibition here.

And do not miss the opening reception video with all the wonderful artists and their artwork:
Prints of a selection of my photographs are also available for sale on ARTmine, Agora Gallery’s online sales platform. ARTmine makes contemporary fine art accessible worldwide and only shows the work of artists represented by or affiliated with the gallery. It has become an important resource for private as well as corporate art collectors, art consultants, and interior designers. Angela Di Bello has selected 16 of my photographs for ARTmine. I really like her choices; she picked some of my favorite Skies.
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